Like and Dislike

♦ In Arikara there are two ways of saying you like something, depending on whether what you like is a person or thing, or whether it is a way or activity. ♦

To like it

New expressions:

I like it.


I don’t like it.


You like it.


You don’t like it.


He likes it.


He doesn’t like it.


Do you like it?

ka NAxiniste’?

Does he like it?

ka nanuste’?

I like that man.

aninaakUx wiitA tatⁱniste’.

Do you like your brother?

ka NAxiniste’ aNA?

• I really like him.

naaNIt tatⁱniste’.

The woman doesn’t like the dog.

sapat kaakanuste’ xaatš.

• She likes that one.

nuunaaričI tanuste’.

I like this one.

tⁱnaaričI tatⁱniste’.
Winking Coyote

To like the way

New expressions:

I like (the way).


I don’t like (the way).


You like (the way).


You don’t like (the way).


He likes (the way).


He doesn’t like (the way).


Do you like (the way)?

ka NAxinihnaate’?

Does he like (the way)?

ka nanuhnaate’?

Do you like what he is doing?

ka NAxinihnaate’ niitⁱnuutaanu?

• I don’t like what he is doing.

kaakatⁱnihnaate’ niitⁱnuutaanu.

Does he like to dance?

ka nanuhnaate’ naakukaahu?

• Yes, he likes to dance.

hee’, tanuhnaate’ naakukaahu.

Does your mother like to drink coffee?

xax ka nanuhnaate’ nakučiika tskaatit?

• No, she doesn’t like to drink coffee.

kaaki’, kaakanuhnaate’ nakučiika tskaatit.

I don’t like to sing. Do you like to?

kaakatⁱnihnaate’ nakuraanooku. ka NAxinihnaate’?

• Yes, I like to sing.

hee’, tatⁱnihnaate’ nakuraanooku.

I like what I see.

tatⁱnihnaate’ wenatuuteeriku.

I don’t like what this one is doing.

kaakatⁱnihnaate’ tⁱnaaričI niitⁱnuutaanu.