It's Good

♦ In Arikara there are two different ways of something is good, depending on whether it is a person or thing, or whether it is a way or activity. ♦

It is good

New expressions:

It is good.


It is not good.


The man is good.

wiitA tuhne.

That dog is not good.

kaakuhne aninaakUx xaatš.

The young woman is beautiful.

tuhne suunaaxu’.

The horse is nice looking.

xaawaaruxti’ tuhne.

The way is good

New expressions:

It is (a) good (way).


It is not (a) good (way).


Truly it is good.

Axtoh tunaahe.

It is good that you came.

tunaahe weNAxihWIsa.

It is not good that he came.

kaakunaahe wenaWIsa.

It’s good to see you.

tunaahe wenatooteeRIt.

It’s good what you did.

tunaahe niiweNAxuutaanu.

It is good to be home.

tunaahe nakukaakUx.