Current Appointments

Director, American Indian Studies Research Institute, Indiana University

Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of American Studies, Indiana University Bloomington

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, Indiana University Bloomington

Research Associate, Psychology Department, University of California Santa Cruz

Selected Publications

In press          Henne-Ochoa, R. Indigenous language revitalization through observing and pitching in to family and community endeavors: A rationale and description. Infancia y Aprendizaje: Journal for the Study of Education and Development.

2020   Henne-Ochoa, R., E. Elliott-Groves, B. Meek, & B. Rogoff. Pathways forward for Indigenous language reclamation: Engaging Indigenous epistemology and learning by observing and pitching in to family and community endeavors. Modern Language Journal 104(2), 481-493.

2019   Henne-Ochoa, R. Further decolonizing Indigenous language revitalization by reclaiming Indigenous ways of speaking: An ethnography of speaking approach. In C. Ferrerós & M. Barrieras (Eds.), Transmissions: Estudis sobre la transmissió lingüística (115-158). Vic, Spain: Eumo.

2018   Henne-Ochoa, R., Sustaining and revitalizing traditional Indigenous ways of speaking: An ethnography-of-speaking approach, Language & Communication, 62, 66-82.

2018   Mejía-Arauz, R., B. Rogoff, A. Dayton, & R. Henne-Ochoa. Collaboration or negotiation: Two ways of interacting suggest how shared thinking develops. Current Opinion in Psychology, 23, 117-123.

2015   Henne-Ochoa, R., & R. Bauman. Who is responsible for saving the language? Performing generation in the face of language shift. Journal of Linguistic Anthropology, 25(2), 128-149.

2009   Henne, R. Verbal artistry: A case for education. Anthropology and Education Quarterly, 40(4), 331-349.